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Meet the Shangaan people – New Life Restoration Ministries

New Life Restoration Ministries

Meet the Shangaan people

traditional Just like many other people groups in Africa, the Shangaan tribe is a people group spread  over parts of 4 countries: South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, with the first two hosting the larger number.

It is believed that ancestors of the Shangaan, originated farther north in central Africa.  As these people moved into the southern area of Africa, they settled in places where they could carry on their traditional pastoral way of life. More recently, the Shangaan came into their present area from farther south, as Soshangane fled with his people from the Zulu massacres of Shaka.

Various clans made up the overall Shangaan people group.  These clans were ruled by a king who held absolute authority.  All the members of the clan were subject to him and he made all the major decisions.  This social structure began to undergo changes as the influence of Portuguese colonialism increased.

In Mozambique, the greatest concentration of Shangaan people is found in the province of Gaza Southern region which happens to be our current area of reach in the village cluster of Chizavane.

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